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Job for a scientist from Ukraine

Job for a scientist from Ukraine

We offer a well-paid job to a scientist who is a refugee from Ukraine.

The formal requirements are only that the person:

- has a PhD degree or the Ukrainian equivalent (“candidate”) in biology or related discipline;

- before leaving Ukraine has been engaged in a scientific research work in a university or a research institute;

- has left Ukraine on or after Feb. 24, i.e., can be considered a refugee.  Note, that it applies also to a person who would decide to leave Ukraine now or in near future (so it is also an opportunity to those who hesitate whether to leave or not, and the argument against leaving is financial).

The merit requirement is that the person has research interests, experience and skills that are close enough to ensure effective participation in the project. We offer a position to a scientist who is skilled in biochemical, molecular or physiological laboratory work. The main laboratory task to be performed is analysis of biological samples from already completed experiments on animals, and will include isolation of DNA and preparing libraries for sequencing (analyses of SNP polymorphisms and analyses of microbiome), analyses of animal body composition, etc. The person is also expected to participate is statistical data analyses and preparing publications based on the results, and will obviously coauthor the prospective publications. A short description of our research area is here:

The engagement would be for a period of up to ca 6-7 month, starting any time when the candidate is ready (the sooner the better), with a salary comparable to that of an assistant professor (the exact amount will depend on the form and duration of the employment).

Please, spread the information to prospective candidates, and encourage them to contact me by email ( or phone (+48 606240746) to learn more about the offer.

Слава Україні!