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Exemplary careers of the recently graduated PhD students

Dr Mateusz Konczal

Mateusz Konczal, studied in years 2011-2015. He did his PhD in the field of Molecular Ecology. After PhD defense Mateusz moved for a PostDoc to the Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona. Currently he is an assistant professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Mateusz was granted the Prime Mister Award for best PhD thesis and he received the START stipend to the most talented young scientists throughout Poland.

Dr Sristi Kamal

Sristi Kamal was a PhD student from 2011-2015. After receiving her PhD in Ecology, Sristi moved to USA and went on to work as a natural resource management (NRM) consultant for Mercy Corps (a humanitarian organization), and for Sweetgrass Foundation. Within her capacity as a NRM consultant she evaluated Mercy Corps’ programs in Haiti, Timor Leste and Ethiopia and provided technical support to beneficiaries of the foundation. Currently, she works as the Global Operations Coordinator at Future of Fish, a non-profit think-tank that focuses on making marine fisheries sustainable.

Dr Joanna Sudyka

Joanna Sudyka studied in years 2011-2016. During her PhD studies Joanna took part in internships at the University of Sydney (Australia) and Glasgow University (UK). After obtaining PhD in the field of Ecology, in march 2017 she has started a postdoc position at the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw.

Dr Giulia Casasole

Giulia Casasole studied in years 2010-2015. After getting her PhD in the field of Ecology, Giulia went for a PostDoc position at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, followed by a managing position in a scientific expedition of Operation Wallacea at Lipsi Island in Greece. Currently, she is a junior manager at Cefic (the European Chemical industry council in Brussels).

Dr Marcin Plech
Marcin Plech did his PhD in the years 2010-2016 in the field of Biology. Promptly after completion of his dissertation, Marcin took up an internship at KU Leuven’s CMPG - Genetics and Genomics. Today he is a Postdoc at the Institute for Genetic and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is investigating the mutational landscapes of multiple human disease-related genes.

Dr Hamed Azarbad

Hamed Azarbad obtained a duble PhD: in the field of microbial ecology at the VU University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and in biology from the Jagiellonian University in 2015 where he studied the microbial communities of metal-contaminated forest soil. Following his PhD studies, in February 2016, he moved to Canada to start a postdoctoral fellowship at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier. His postdoctoral research focuses on understanding the power of the soil and rhizosphere microbiome to protect crops against biotic and abiotic stresses.

Dr Natnael T. Hamda

Natnael T. Hamda was a Ph.D. fellow in years 2010 – 2013.  He obtained a double doctorate: in ecology from the Jagiellonian University and in theoretical biology and bioinformatics from Vrije University in Amsterdam. After his Ph.D., Natnael moved to the USA for his PostDoc at the University of Minnesota. Currently, he is a project scientist and PI at University of California Santa Cruz and also affiliated to National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. His current research primarily focused on the application of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and related data-driven models to answer a wide range of research questions in biophysical science. Visit this page to see a snapshot of his recent studies.